Bowflex Revolution Home Gym Health and Fitness Blog -

Bowflex Revolution Home Gym  Health and Fitness Blog -

If youre a fitness buff, you will read a Bowflex Revolution review and start sweating with excitement. And if youre not sweating now, you will be when you hear about the new, more versatile and simpler to use Bowflex Revolution Home Gym.

Bowflex exercise equipment offers numerous types of fitness equipment and home gyms with various levels of versatility. The Bowflex Ultimate 2 has 95 exercise possibilities, the Ultimate XTLU has more than 90 possibilities, Xtreme 2 has more than 70 possibilities, Xtreme has more than 65 possibilities and Bowflex Sport has more than 60 possibilities.

All these machines have been tested and proven to be effective home gyms and are praised by many owners. The Bowflex website even lists hundreds of testimonial letters from satisfied customers. However, the newly released Revolution may surpass all the older models just with customer satisfaction.

The Revolution, originally developed for astronauts, offers hundreds of workouts and exercise variations. Realizing how well it worked for astronauts, Bowflex modified it for in-home use so that everyone could benefit from it. Its closest cousin, the Bowflex Ultimate 2 model, only has a maximum of 95 exercise variations.

As with any other Bowflex home gyms, owning a Bowflex Revolution is like having your own fitness center right in your home. It replaces a variety of different pieces of fitness equipment because you can basically work out every single part of your body and if youre persistent, you can lose weight fast. And its just one piece of Bowflex equipment, which offers a great amount of resistance with the innovative SpiraFlex Technology.

The new Bowflex Revolution is also the quietest and most easy to use exercise equipment ever made by Bowflex.

As with other Bowflex Home Gym machines, the Revolution Home Gym can be folded and simply stored away. And, when they designed it, they knew that many homes have low ceilings, especially in the basement. So, this amazing machine will surely fit in just about any room in your house.

Before the Revolution, the company referred to the Bowflex Ultimate 2 as top-of-the-line with the best design among other fitness equipment available. Now the company believes that the cutting edge in terms of home gyms belongs to the Bowflex Revolution.

Bowflex has been in business since 1986, successfully selling and improving its products for over 20 years. And they have the experience and the satisfaction guaranteed to back up their quality products. Once youve read a Bowflex Revolution Home Gym review, youll know that this machine is the one you need to make working out a seamless part of your daily life.

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