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are HMOs better now for health coverage? I am starting...

2 pts Depends on where you live and what is important to you...I urge you to get the book "Healthcare for Less" by Michelle Katz at your local Barnes and helped me decide by showing me ways that I can save money in healthcare and pointed out the insurance options that are out there in simple terms....gave me questions I should take into consideration and guess what...I found that the HSA was best for me. I hope this helps!!! HMO man at the pearly gates? Two doctors and an HMO manager died and lined up at the pearly gates

admission to heaven. St. Peter asked them to identify themselves.

One doctor stepped forward and said, "I was a pediatric spine surgeon

helped kids overcome their deformities." St. Peter said, "You can

The second doctor said, "I was a psychiatrist. I helped people

themselves." St. Peter also invited him in.The third applicant stepped

forward and said, "I was an HMO manager. I helped people get

health care." St. Peter said, "You can come in, too."

But as the HMO manager walked by, St. Peter added, "You can stay three

After that, you can go to Hell."

does a joke need to be in the form of a question for it not to be reported?

Thanks for sharing : -) YOW! And try to fill out the paperwork to appeal that one Whats the difference between PPO and an HMO? Im a 22 year old male and am buying health insurance for the first time on my own, what should I do?

As a 22 year old male assuming you most likely dont have any pre-existing conditions it would be advisable to look into obtaining a PPO plan. While PPO plans can have high deductibles depending on where you live and what plans are available in your state some PPO plans can have a flat dollar copayment for doctor visits ie copayment. This is what is called a first dollar benefit where you dont have to pay towards your deductible first before using that benefit. Also, PPO plans are 2 tiered plans (Tier 1 - PPO network, Tier 2 - Non-PPO network). The richest benefits apply (Tier 1) if you use the carriers preferred provider directory to find a doctor. You can use a doctor not on the directory (TIer 2) however your benefits will not be as rich. With PPO plans you can have direct access to a specialist and do not need a referral from your primary doctor.

HMO plans on the other hand offer more extensive first dollar benefits however they also offer more expensive premiums as well!! :) With an HMO plan you must select an HMO primary care physician from the carriers HMO physician directory. You must see this physician for all treatment. If you need to see a specialist you must first see your primary care physican to obtain a referral. And then your PCP must refer you to a specialist within their HMO medical group. In other words, your PCP would not be allowed to refer you to a specialist across town.

I would advise asking around for a good health insurance brokers office. I have worked for a health insurance broker for almost 5 years. Brokers represent all carriers and work for you, the client. While brokers do get paid commissions by the carriers for your plan it does not cost you anything to work with a broker nor does the cost of your plan include any brokers fees.

Hope this helps!! A PPO plan lets you select the doctor or hospital you want from a list of heath care providers that are approved by the insurance company.

With a HMO, you go to their facility and get whatever doctor has the duty.

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