Why is physical fitness so important?

Why is physical fitness so important?

Why Is Physical Fitness So Important

You have been probably wondering several times “Why is physical fitness so important?” Well, if you want to know why, you should read this article. “” Because it will make you feel better!

Cardiovascular resistance is given by the aerobic exercises and represents a rhythmic physical activity that involves all muscle groups and should be practiced for a long period of time.The cardiovascular and respiratory systems serve as a predominating source of energy, because the level of heart and blood vassals is adapting. This adaptation improve the oxygenation of the body, if you practice physical fitness for a long time, like months or years, improve the functions of the heart and speed up the calories burn.


In order to be efficient, this type of activity should accomplish the following conditions: -to be practiced at least 3 time a week; -each session should last 30 minutes, without breaks; -the intensity of the exercises should use 60 to 85% of the maximum cardiac frequency; -the exercise should be rhythmic, aerobic and should involve all muscle groups

Other types of aerobic activities are walking long distances, hiking, jogging, step aerobics, aerobic, dancing, biking and sky. Very important: of you are planning to do this on your own, you should start by stretching and increase the rhythm and the intensity of your efforts. To the end of the session, decrease the rhythm and the intensity. For group sessions, the trainer will facilitate the stretching and effort reversal.

Flexibility is the capacity of making moves of great amplitude. Thanks to mobility exercises, the joints become more flexible and the muscles become supple. Often associated with ballet or gymnastics, mobility is a quality we all need in order to improve our allure, to reduce joints tension, muscle tension, release stress and reduce the risk of accidents. It is recommended that at the end of each session do some stretching to relax your muscles.

Activities for developing mobility: Muscular force is the capacity of maintaining or succumbing resistance through muscular contraction. Most exercises for developing the muscular mass and force can be achieved with dumbbells, the resistance of your exercise partner or different machines. The best way to achieve muscular force is by training all your muscle groups.


There is a common belief that if you go to the gym you will have big muscles. You can tone your body by using small and medium dumbbells and a large number of sessions. Your muscles will not become big unless you use 85% of your body capacity. To achieve that you have to continue practice, progressively increase the effort, use dumbbells and other machines, box, power pump or circuit training. And if all of the above reasons are not enough, you should remember that physical fitness helps you live longer, be smarter, feel better, be happier and look better. There is no down side to physical fitness and it represents a major improvement in your life and in your mind. Trust me.

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